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About Us

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About Us

VeganHeat is India's first and only online food delivery service that deals with ORGANIC, VEGAN, PROBIOTIC food and beverages. VeganHeat also deals with non probiotic food and beverages.

The menu is prepared with consideration of a variety of athletes inclusive but not limited to endurance, strength and bodybuilding. We have dishes that are all-raw, nut free, gluten free, paleogenic, ketogenic and other diet styles. This allows a fun and low calorie meal that is cruelty free. All our food is high in protein and almost everything is close to cholesterol free. Diabetics and blood pressure patients can make many informed choices on the menu.

The probiotic dishes are fermented using starter cultures originating from different continents of the world. Some of these dishes are Sauerkraut, Kefir, Tempeh, Kombucha and Sourdough. These probiotic items are used in preparing dishes such as the Sourdough sub-sandwiches, tempeh PadThai, Tempeh Bao, and Probiotic Burgers. The tempeh dishes and Kombucha are the biggest sellers at VeganHeat. Hurry now. It takes fourteen days to ferment Kombucha and 2 days to make one batch of tempeh. The COUPON CODE for 50% off is available at the end. Order now before we run out!

We also sell a variety of organic, non-probiotic dishes such as Scrambled tofu fried rice, Chipotle hotdogs and non-probiotic burgers and pastas.

All day breakfast foods like waffles and kefir pancakes are close to 10% of the calories compared to the unhealthy alternative. Nutrient dense over calorie dense is our motto.

BUILD YOUR OWN MEAL AT VH. We have now launched a new line of products that allow an opportunity for the customer to choose his meal. This admits freedom of not only choice but is pocket friendly for the everyday consumer. This includes pizza, salad bowls, pasta bowls, and many more!

Avail 50% off on the first order for a limited amount of time. Register and Use VEGAN50 now to avail special offers. New range of products releasing everyday.

You know the saying, 'nothing good comes easy'? It's a lie.

Quality Beyond Ordinary

We work closely with our farmers to ensure the best nutrient-rich products is procured. Utmost care at the source is what sets our quality beyond ordinary.

Delivered Fresh Everyday

Our highly qualified team of chefs strictly comply with the hygiene standards for handling & cooking to offer you premium grade vegan food products.

Extraordinary food

Our first-of-its-kind world-class cooking unit is temperature controlled to maintain natural goodness and nutrients.

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